Corn header fixed

The upgraded corn header was developed in order to ensure the highest area output possible and to reduce losses to a minimum.


Next to the corn header’s new design, a number of arrangements according to the customers’ desires had been made. Many clearances had been reduced or removed completely. Thereby the Cornchampion is now more dirt-resistant.


The chopper units are the corn header’s pride, which are equipped with a free-wheel gearbox and a separate oil circuit. This simplifies the maintanence and reduces the set-up time.

Engeneering and manufacturing arrangements guarantee a longer sharpness of the blades. The chopper units are placed in a flatter way, which ensures the chopper’s cleanliness. During a machine stop the material is safeguarded by its freewheel and the self-sufficient oil circuit ensures the corn header’s proceeding service in case of any disturbances or a damaged unit.

The in comparison to the other manufacturers extra long spiked rollers guarantee a smooth picking of the cobs from the stalks. Two extra large bearings inside the auger heads ensure a smooth flow and a long durability. The extremely long construction method allows a flat harvesting angle, which harvests corn efficiently and gently.

Ziegler_rotation_atribute1) The sub-mounted stalk chopper allows the chopping of the stalks and leaves evenly short stubbles. The chopper leaves an extra fine chopped structure, which prevents pest infestation and pest hibernation.

2) The spiked rollers’ knives possess eight changeable knives, made of a particular, extremely resistant material.


1) The precise picking plates which are adjustable on both sides allow a further reduction of harvesting losses. The distance between the picking plates can be controlled by the driver’s cabin continuously variable by means of the double-operating cylinder. This both saves time and renders the possibility to the driver to handle the picking plate position and to control them according to the stalks’ size.

2) Hardwearing and long pull-in chains enable a corn harvesting free of maintenance. These are automatically stretched by a consistent spring force.
Due to the lateral silage maize auger, horizontal lying stalks on the field can be fed easily. Therefore the harvester can achieve high performance with minor losses. The silage maize auger can be installed optionally on the right or on both sides according to the customer’s request.


The oil pump and oil tank for the silage maize auger is now in the drive box. Therefore the retrofit is much easier and expeditiously.техніка для збору врожаю
Drive boxes were improved significantly and are permanently mounted on the machine’s basis. This allows a subsequent determination of the harvester’s type. Especially the drive boxes’ coverage on the harvester’s side protects the engine and the hydraulic systems from fouling.

In order to avoid damage on the hydraulic systems, it had been installed into the drive box as far as possible.

Комлектації кукурузної жатки

The corn header can be manufactured in various configurations according to the respective customer’s and market’s requests.

жатка додаткова
The corn header Cornchampion can optionally be modified as a sunflower header with seperate sunflower kits. One kit per cull row is needed. The blades can be changed easily in implemented state.

 кукурузна жатки Ziegler

Rubber shreds avoid the corn cobs falling out on uneven areas. Therefore the harvesting loss can be reduced even more. Additional plates at the retraction laps give more stability and avoid fraying. After various tests we recommend bonnets and peaks made of metal as they ensure a low-loss harvesting and retain their functionality even after years.

шкала жатки Ziegler
The picking plate display shows the picking plates’ exact position and can be adapted easily on every harvester due to its angle adjustment. The lubrication oil tank was relocated into the drive box and is therefore protected from damage. The capacity was increased from 0.5 I to approximately 3 I. The oil dispenser is replaced by a new one which allows a significantly better dosage of the drip quantity, (sight glass, metering lever).

Corn headers made by Ziegler combine functionality, light weight and stability. Due to its easy operation, an excellent and trouble-free performance of the machine during the harvesting can be guaranteed, even under difficult harvesting circumstances.

Кукурузные жатки Cornchampion Кукурузные жатки Cornchampion от Ziegler
The new corn header is equipped with screwed-on transport lugs which both make maintenance work easier and help the customer to unload the unit. Scratches on the main frame’s location point will be avoided. The new foldable cardan shaft holder ensures a safe transport of the cardan shaft.

жатка для кукурудзи жатка для кукурудзи

A completely new designed interlock eases the handling significantly which allows a better access to service operations and risk-free maintenance. In addition the machine’s lightweight construction saves fuel and increases the harvesting speed.

кожух для жатки кукурудзи
The reinforced and spring-loaded stubble bender bends the stubbles to the ground in order to avoid the tires being damaged.

експлуатація жатки чехол
The operating instructions are now kept together with other documents within an operating instructions box in order to avoid both dirt and moisture.

Technical information

Type Rows


Row distance Width Hight Depth Weight
CC5S 5 70 cm 3700 mm 1270 mm 2820 mm 1650 kg
CC5S 5 75 cm 3900 mm 1220 mm 2820 mm 1710 kg
CC6S 6 70 cm 4550 mm 1220 mm 2820 mm 1932 kg
CC6S 6 75 cm 4800 mm 1220 mm 2820 mm 1990 kg
CC8S 8 70 cm 5950 mm 1220 mm 2820 mm 2529 kg
CC8S 8 75 cm 6300 mm 1220 mm 2820 mm 2640 kg
CC12S 12 70 cm 8690 mm 1220 mm 2820 mm 4100 kg
CC12S 12 75 cm 9240 mm 1220 mm 2820 mm 4450 kg