Rapeseed header extension

Being world market leader in the sector rapeseed harvesting, Ziegler-Harvesting offers a versatile technology relating to rapeseed harvesting. With its rapeseed header extensions, Ziegler places importance on individuality and offers the market’s greatest model choice for cutting systems with a work width of 3.60 to up to 10.70 meters. Ziegler-Harvesting offers the greatest product variety of rapeseed header extensions on the market and provides efficient complete solutions for rapeseed harvesting.


жатка для сбора рапса

rapeseed header ziegler

Galvanized, powerful special double knive system with 10.5 cm long blades


The galvanized sidewalls guarantee maximum protection against corrosion



Efficiency in one piece:Ziegler_для_рапса
Robust self-supporting structure
Integrated hydraulic system
Electrical or hydraulic rapeseed side knives
Maintenance-free dizziness gearbox
Rapeseed header extension with Schumacher cutting system
Relatively light weight
NEW: now for Claas Cerio-cutting unit


Harvesting loss reduction by means of:
– header extension’s extension of 85 cm which avoid the grains’ loss;
– the rapeseed side knives. These separate intertwined branches of the rapeseed plant. As a result, the rapeseed side knives guarantee less shaking of the rapeseed plant and therefore reduce harvesting losses significantly.

The rapeseed knives with galvanized double blades available in the cutting length of 1.35 m guarantee a clean cut, reduce rapeseed loss and can efficiently be used in all weathers. In addition, the rapeseed knives can be installed to every grain header. This extension can be executed within a short period of time.

монтаж рапсового стола
The rapeseed header extension can easily be installed to the grain headers of all common harvesters and does not require any special tools. Additionally, the rapeseed header extension guarantees a high quality work of the harvester with minor losses. The rapeseed header extension harvests at the same speed as the cutting system and with a low vibration of the header extension sides, which increases the harvesting productivity.

стіл для збору ріпаку бренди

  • Lighter and comfortable access to the components;

  • Minimal wear due to the Schumacher gearbox;

  • The Rapeseed header extension is serially equipped with fan belt. Four quick tension adjusters guarantee a perfect seat.

Rapeseed header extension

Arbeitsbreite Tiefe Höhe Gewicht
Working width Depth Hight Weight
Рабочая ширина Глубина Высота Вес
360 cm 135 cm 150 cm 390 kg
430 cm 135 cm 150 cm 425 kg
450 cm 135 cm 150 cm 450 kg
510 cm 135 cm 150 cm 480 kg
540 cm 135 cm 150 cm 495 kg
600 cm 135 cm 150 cm 540 kg
660 cm 135 cm 150 cm 590 kg
760 cm 135 cm 150 cm 650 kg
915 cm 135 cm 150 cm 750 kg
1070 cm 135 cm 150 cm 780 kg



1 x Rapeseed side knife (right)
(hydraulic or electric)


Additional options:

1 x Rapeseed side knife (left)
(hydraulic or electric)

Rapeseed header extension with machanical side knives


вертикальный рапсовый стол Ziegler
• For cutting unit widths from 3.0 to 6.10 meters
• Mechanical repeseed/canola knives
• Suits for all standard cuting units of the brands CLAAS, CASE, NEW HOLLAND, SAMPO, ROSTSELMASH, AGCO, LAVERDA, JOHN-DEERE, DEUTZ-FAHR

Direct drive by cutting bars guarantee less shaking of the rapeseed plant and minimal vibrations. Due to the mechanical drive the rapeseed header extension is quickly installed. Set-up times are decreased significantly.