Beinlich drum machines

Benlich Primus

Beinlich Primus

The main characteristic of the primus series is the compact gear unit consisting of a 4-gear-transmission, turbine and integrated bypass control which in combination with the extra large gear rim at the side of the reel ensures reliable and maintenance-friendly operation.

The modular principle allows for numerous versions:

· Turntable – or passing version or both combinated in one machine

· One or two axles in the straight or portal version

· Shaft for a drawbar or hitch

· Operation with a manual pump or hydraulic control valve

· Trolley with centre and offset water-feed with rain gun or mounted linear irrigation boom.

In any case, every Primus is completely ready for use with trolley, rain gun and fl at hose according to the price list.

Ground clearance 500 mm, Track width 1.8 m – 2.0 m or 2.0 m – 2.25 m

Twin-axles are standard on model 2800 I and II

Electronic 2KR incl. Larger solar panel and 18Ah battery

Tractor and Primus Quattro on the headland

After rotating the drum by 180°, the hose can be pulled out by the tractor

Beinlich PICCOLO


With the Piccolo series Beinlich provides a compact and handy irrigation machine with pipes of 40, 50, 63 and 75 mm in diameter with a large number of application from sportsgrounds and green areas to agricultural areas such as tree nurseries and vegetable growing. The fl ow rate for the Piccolo ranges from 3 to 30 m³/h with working pressure from 3.5 to 9 bar on the machine depending upon the hose size. Fundamental components such as the turbine, gearbox, spooling device, tripod trolley and lifting device are all tailored to provide a complete mechanical engineering solution to suit your specifi c needs. Our extensive accessories programme includes various shut-off valves, speed gauges and electronic controls that provide for perfect solution for all irrigation needs.

Piccolo 1: with a rain gun jet of 9 – 12 mm for 4 – 8 m³/h

Piccolo 2: the bestseller in irrigation of sports areas, as of an inlet pressure of 3.5 bar

Piccolo 2: with the Drawbar and the steerable front wheel the machine can be moved easily by hand

Beinlich MB 4000

Ground clearance 420 mm – 460 mm, depending on tires, MB 4000 low centre of gravity

Past and future can not be separated from each other. At least not for us. The same counts for developing good irrigation machines. Such as the MB. The world’s biggest mobile irrigator series.
The MB 4000 is the fi rst drum machine in the world equipped with 1000 m of PE-hose with a 125 mm diameter; thanks to the constant wall thickness on 500m, the internal diameter on the hose amounts to a magnifi cent 102 mm. The energy-savings due to the pipe-position in the wheel-track are signifi cant while maintaining low friction with the ground during hose rewinding. After the irrigation run, the PE-hose can be blown empty with a hydraulically driven Atlas Copco compressor if required. The twin-circuit compressed-air braking system includes a sprung loaded accumulator on the steerable front axle, 6 tyres (15.0/70-18), a 2.25 m and 2.46 m track width for great machine stability in the fi eld and on the road.

Track width 2250 mm in front and 2460 mm in rear, reel Ø 3700 mm

Perfect stability in the field and safety transportation due to the low lying reel and pull-in of pe-hose.

hinten / in rear: 385/65 22.5 18 Ply

Steering front axle on a turntable, in a 45° angle

Guiding arm is adjustable hydraulically in all directions

The roller frame opens and closes hydraulically, securely holding the PE-hose.

Beinlich Monsun

Beinlich Monsun

We are world famous for the Monsun series of irrigators which is leading the way in 21st century irrigation; our design is unmistakable with concepts that maximise the features and benefi ts of PE-hose irrigation. The highest standards of quality have been standard at Beinlich since 1965 and are a core value of the business. These values are characterized by the Beinlich turbine drive and the bypass; the Beinlich gearbox with its bevel gears and the two-side drive chains onto the outer edge of the drum and the unique hose positioning in the track. In 1982, Beinlich became the fi rst company to introduce electronic speed control as standard and today the unique 2KR-H fulfi ls all the familiar features with the addition of a GSM-based „remote control“-system. The company is always working on new development and is always willing to work closely with customers to implement their ideas into new machines. The gun trolley lifting and hose laying device includes a roller guide frame and is operated hydraulically. An automatic ground anchor function also contributes to the simple and fast setup of the machine in the fi eld.

Shut-off valve, Bypass for speed regulation, mech. safety- and shut-off and water inlet on both sides

Original Beinlich-electronic, incl. phone-link supervision

The new spooling frame with safeguard avoids mechanical stress and ensure a long lifespan

Hydraulic-kit includes hydraulically controlled rear legs, front jack, turntable, lift frame, hose guidance arm and roller frame.

Towing eye with hydraulic jack including an extension of the chassis

Swing axle with air-brakes on 2 wheels



Type 80 for series Primus, Type 100 for series Monsun

Incl. Horizontal levelling of the rain gun

· central and lateral laying of PE-hoses in the tractor´s track

· a ground clearance of 1.60 m

· a straight or an angled tow catch


Type 100 for series Monsun

In particular with big fl ow rates distinguishes itself by

· perfect directional stability due to the steerable front wheel

· high standing stability due to the tandem axles

· height-adjustable traction device for short drawbars!


Is particularly suited to passing machines and primus 1800 with boom R 20 – 28 m.

Since the width of the reel is always smaller than the lane, the steerable front wheel and the movable connection pipe ensure a tension-free entry of the hose into the machine.

Type 80 mm offset water-feed

Steering front wheel in combination with shut-off pin

Automat. anchor system


As a long-term manufacturer of irrigation machines and booms, Beinlich more than any other manufacturer knows exactly what is important for irrigation purposes. The biggest possible comfort of operation, stability and reliability and not least high profi tability – these are the decisive factors. In all of these areas, Beinlich has in the past demonstrated quality, fulfi lled the wishes of customers and sometimes has even exceeded all expectations. You will certainly fi nd the right machine for your irrigation purpose, here. 4 Series offering 15 reels with variable chassis. Primus available as Quattro too. Please see the „Quattro principle“.

Beinlich product rangers


With the hydraulic reel in the front and fl at hoses of variable partial lengths (<100m), a quick and effort- less handling of the water supply is possible. The B 600 and the wider B 800 with three-point hitch Kat II / Kat III, with a powerful hydraulic motor and stable bearing frame perfect the laying and up-taking of fl at hoses by driving towards them. The reel can be easily exchanged thanks to the spring catch.

Beinlich v600/800

The guiding-arm with roller frame has been proven for decades

The guiding-arm lays out the layfl at in line and controls the position during rewinding

The galvanized frames of the B 600 and B 800 come with supporting leg


R 50 – 72 m

R 64 – 81 m

R 72 – 90 m

Benefits of irrigating with a boom:
· less energy needed – booms can operate at around half the pressure and water consum- ption can be reduced by 20% compared with rainguns systems
· up to 90% uniformity, even in windy conditions
· pressure regulated sprayjets or rotators allow optimum droplet size to be selected, – either to reduce drift or to minimise damage to very delicate crops.
R 64 – 2  Provide effi cient, accurate and uniform water distribution while being extremely easy to set up


The program offers two series:

· Hose reel mounted booms type R 30, lane spacing from 20 to 48 meters
· Four-wheel booms type R 64-2, transportation position: pulled by the tractor or the hose-reel

Lane spacing:

With a pair of end-sprinklers the lane spacing is 2 x 15 m more than the fully galvanised construction, depending on the pressure


· hydr. low lift for 0,50 m or high lift for 3.1 m height
· centre- or offset waterfeed in wheeling, on one end or reversible
· track width 1,50 up to 2,25 m
· rain gun mounted on top for irrigation on diffi cult edges

Only 1 Tractor and 1 Man handling

Because of the 4-wheel steering system, the boom follows exactly the track of the tractor

In under 10 minutes the sections are fully opened

Fine droplets for delicate crops, only 1.4 bar pressure on the outlets, or 2,5 bar on the end-sprinklers for 70 m lane-spacing

5-wheel center cart with offset water feed, track 1,50 – 4,00 m.

sections folded on a Primus 2000, ready for lift up


Engines from Iveco, John Deere and Deutz are available in sizes from 50 – 250 Hp in TIER II and III. Pumps from Caprari and Rovatti are fl anged mounted to the engine, also the big S4K-150/3. The 1.000 Ltr. fuel tank can be refuelled easily in the fi eld. Besides the CEM 250, the newest Elcos control unit CIM 137 can be selected.

Beinlich Moto pumps

Acoustic canopies above diesel engine and pump for prevention of noise pollution and protection against vandalism. The integrated hand-pump enables easy changing of the motor-oil.

Type IR 250-10: engine 200Hp, pump fl ow 210 – 280m³/h

The digital motor control unit „Idromop“ adjusts the rpm of the engine automatically to keep the working pressure constant

Suction- and delivery-line are fi xed on the pump, for example on the Caprari pump MG 80 4/3A the size 133 mm and 108 mm


With regard to the price-performance ratio, the tractor pumps T1-40, T2-50, T3-80 and T3 K2-80 were always in a class of their own. The selected high-quality suction and pressure accessories produced in Germany considerably contribute to the effective increase of reliability. A robust galvanised 3-point frame, a big manual diaphragm-pump, a highquality pto shaft, a big main valve and a pressure gauge, as well as a 6 m suction-line and a pressure S-elbow complete the pump unit in accordance with the needed fl ow rate.

Tractor pump from Rovatti in use


Due to the automatic sector switch, the fi eld edges are to be irrigated precisely at the start and at the end. You can set the timer for up to 6 hours, as required and then a spring ensures that the irrigator irrigates „backwards“ towards the fi eld edge. This ensure that the fi eld edges are also irrigated in a straight line.

Sime rain-guns type „Refl ex“ and „Explorer“ can be ordered with Rotorkit


The sector sprinkler with a nozzles of 10 mm on the machine ensures close irrigation within a radius of 15 – 20 m, because where the big rain guns with nozzles of >26 mm are, is not suffi cient irrigation. You can defi ne the desired rainfall with an automatic shut-off valve.

Sprinkler K1 8° with 15 m throw, horizontally mounted on lift frame

The newest technology of Komet rain-guns is improving the automatic brake-system and adjustment on low working pressure


Beinlich charateristics